3 you need: Feel-good reads

If you're here, you're probably like me, and reading is your happy place. Sometimes, a bummer read is exactly what you need when you're feeling crappy and just want to wallow in it. But for the times when you really just need to laugh, smile or swoon, here are three delightful reads to breeze through.

Book: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Release date: October 29, 2013

Pages: 369

Publisher: Touchstone

Genre: Graphic Novel, Memoir, Humor

Rating: ★★★★

Allie Brosh is like your really funny best friend who has a talent for finding the absurd in the mundane. She brings her hilarious perspective to tales of incorrigibly dumb pets, soul-numbing depression and invading geese. If adulthood overwhelms you and you suspect you may be a terrible person, this is the book for you. I put this baby in a care package for my bestie in Utah with some face masks and a bath bomb, and recommend you enjoy this with the preceding amenities plus a glass of wine. My favorite story is "The God of Cake." Thank me later.

Book: Lola Carlyle's 12-Step Romance by Danielle Younge-Ullman

Release date: May 5, 2015

Pages: 304

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: ★★★★

My kween Danielle Younge-Ullman wrote this glorious YA romance about a bored, lonely celebuspawn teen who fakes her way into a fancy rehab to get closer to her crush, only to discover that rehab might be the perfect place for her — and that her dream guy may not be the fantasy she's built him up to be. Lola is entitled and clueless yet so self-possessed that you kind of have to root for her despite her BS. The romance in this is charming and well-drawn, and I was completely swept up in it.

Book: Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona

Release date: October 30, 2014


Publisher: Marvel

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Rating: ★★★★★

Jersey teen Kamala Khan writes superhero fanfiction when she's not at school, hanging out with her best friend Bruno or at her local mosque. She would have never expected she could become a superhero herself until a gargantuan dose of Terrigen mist brought out her latent Inhuman powers. I cannot fangirl enough about Ms. Marvel. She's funny, she's badass, and she's an unabashed dork. She has the kindest heart and the fiercest wit, and she just feels so real. I made my own Ms. Marvel costume for Halloween because I was so enamored with this character. Whether you love comic books already or haven't even watched a superhero movie, you'll be obsessed with this groundbreaking heroine.