PSA: "Wonder Woman" is Wonderful

Believe the hype.

I can't speak for any other movie in the DCEU because I haven't seen any of them. And I can't speak to whether Wonder Woman the film does justice to the comics because I've read only a few of the very early stories and some of the history about the character.

But from my perspective as a lover of superheroes and a feminist, I thought this was a fantastic film.

The plot was not labyrinthine and overwrought like a lot of superhero movies specifically and action movies in general. I'm sensitive to stupidly complicated plots recently because I've been paring down and rewriting my work in progress, which was once a complicated dystopian sci-fi story complete with an evil monarchy and a taboo central relationship, but is now none of those things, and thank God for that. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway.

Even though the plot isn't complicated, it plays with many genres. It's a romance, a war movie, an action flick, a tragedy and a bildungsroman. There are lighthearted comedic moments. There's potential to interpret the overarching message as cheesy. But it's paired with a heavier exploration of humanity.

The performances were stellar. Gal Gadot emotes with every pore. I've always had a soft spot for Chris Pine because he was my visual inspiration for the hero in a screenplay I wrote, and he's so charismatic here.

What I loved most about Diana in this movie was how pure-hearted she is. It's exactly what I love so much about Ms. Marvel. I wish I were as brave as Diana was in the moments that made me tear up. Which reminds me — this movie was damn pretty. I demand it be nominated for some technical Oscars.

I promised I'd keep this post short. So, just go see it. It's well worth your time. I wish I had a daughter I could take to see it, or that I lived closer to my kid sisters. Because it's important. Because Wonder Woman is the hero we need and the hero we deserve. (Oh, hi, Christopher Nolan, I still want to debate that quote with you. Call me.)

There are so many of these going around but this one is my favorite. Source.
Patty Jenkins, how soon can you get the sequel to us?