Programming update

I know. I know. I KNOW.

Listen. Let me tell you something. I’ve got a lot going on, OK?


And I’m looking at my pile of finished but yet-to-be-reviewed books, and my pile of books yet to be read, and I know I’m just making more work for myself every time I put off updating.

As I gather my wits to write new content and hopefully approach this blog in a way that’s more fun for me and for you, I thought I’d give you a general update on reading goals and what’s coming up.
  • This year, I want to tie up some loose ends. I have a stack of books I never finished last year (and the year before, because let’s be honest, it was a shitshow) and I’ve already made a dent in some of that pile. This year I WILL finish Hillary Rodham Clinton’s What Happened. Whenever I’m bored with my podcasts, I listen to a few more minutes of it until I can't take any more and I’m curled up into a ball sobbing and ripping chunks out of the carpet, so it’s taking me a while because carpet is expensive.
  • On the subject of loose ends, I’m sitting on a dozen read books from way back when I went to Africa to now, so I’m going to review the ones I finished at the end of 2017 quick-hits style and pick up with 2018 for full reviews.
  • You know how I promised a spoiler review of Hate to Want You? It’s half-written but I’m wondering if I should just do a spoiler review of the entire series after Hurts to Love You comes out. But that might be too much. So we’ll see.
  • My friend Alli and I did a long-distance buddy read of Alice Clayton’s Nuts and will collaborate on a discussion post about it.
  • That Goodreads sidebar on my page is wildly out of date so I’m going to fix that.
  • My reading goals for 2018 are to read more, and to read more diversely, with particular emphasis on Latinx authors and specifically Dominican authors. I plan to explore contemporary works and the classics, and I might be up to the challenge of reading some of the classics in the original Spanish.
  • I’m in a cozy spot with my romance reading habit, and there’s so much to discover just in that genre. But I also want to branch back out. I want to read more books on a whim without reading prior reviews or hearing about them on a podcast.
So that's the plan. Watch this space.