More updates

1. I got new glasses. I was overdue for an eye exam. My astigmatism has worsened. My style has remained sharp.  

2. Spring is already in my bones. In my aching back and my restlessness, in my readiness to cry and be vulnerable. The trees in my neighborhood are already flowering. There are bright purple flowers blooming in my front yard, flowers I never planted. Hyacinths. 

3. I am more freaked out by the freakout about coronavirus than I am about the coronavirus as far as me getting sick. I don’t thrive with these apocalyptic vibes. I went to a birthday dinner recently and we could not stop talking about it. I’m an empath, and the vibes are oppressive right now. I have the urge to call or email people I haven’t talked to in years, this global panic now connecting us. Does this count as a fireball hurtling toward the Earth?

4. I am starting a book podcast. Stay tuned. 

5. There was one other thing ... what was it? 

Oh yeah. I finished my rough draft. 81,158 words. It was like... two weeks ago? I’m waiting a bit to revise, to go deeper. To refine my messy passion project and get it closer to being out in the world. So long as there is a world, my book exists in it. Finally.