It’s been a strange week. 

First, I had the most creative and productive few days I’ve had in years. Words flowing, ideas dropping into my brain fully formed. Really good stuff. 

I’ve gotten some cool and unexpected opportunities this week. 

I saw Shang-Chi, which was incredible. 

I’ve spent the last two days anxious about a disturbing voicemail from a No Caller ID, and I can’t do anything about it but be utterly confused and kind of scared.

I’m sick for, I don’t know, the 10th time in the last three months. 

My neighbor died from COVID and all I can think about is how nice he was to my dog, and how whenever we walked by his house she’d get excited and look for him. 

My dreams for the last month have been absolutely bonkers. 

Steve from Blue’s Clues made everyone in my generation cry. 

I feel … I feel like the timing of this new Matrix trailer is really bad for my mental health, because reality is feeling quite suspect right now.